In the past, losing stubborn fat selectively from your waist, hips, buttocks and thighs and achieving the look you wanted seemed impossible. But now, you can truly change your body without having to undergo invasive surgery and a long recovery.
VASER® is today’s most advanced and virtually painless body sculpting process that helps you achieve the look you want with little to no downtime. Dr. Nestor utilizes VASER® technologies to help you achieve your desired results. Whether you want a flatter, smoother and tighter appearance, increased muscular definition, increased volume in certain areas, or want to address excessive sweating, VASER® technologies provide a solution. Learn more about the sophisticated VASER® services Dr. Nestor offers, below.

VASERlipo® Tampa

VASERlipo® is a breakthrough technology that removes fat without cutting, scarring or a long, painful recovery. VASER® technology allows Dr. Nestor to liquefy fat ultrasonically in virtually any part of the body. Compared to traditional liposuction surgery, VASERlipo® is much safer, virtually painless and leaves little to no scarring. Even better, recovery time is minimal and the results are the same or better.

With VASERlipo® you can expect:

– Realistic curves and definition
– Easy removal of large quantities of fat
– Precise sculpting of delicate areas of the body
– Minimally invasive procedures that can be delivered in a comfortable clinical setting
– Fast recovery time
– Smooth, tight results

VASERsmooth® FL

VASERsmooth® is a new technology offered by Dr. Nestor in the fight against cellulite. VASERsmooth® is designed to remove fat and smooth unwanted cellulite under the skin. Traditional VASER® probes are specifically designed to be tissue-selective and minimize trauma to fat cells, nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. VASERsmooth® probes, on the other hand, not only emulsify fat but selectively cut through hardened connective tissue that leads to the appearance of cellulite. Even better, VASERsmooth® can be combined with VASER® liposuction and fat grafting to simultaneously address other body contouring issues.

The VASERsmooth® solution uses brand new technology to remove fat and smooth unwanted cellulite. Hardened fibrous septae can result in skin dimpling and contour irregularities, while cellulite is the result of hypertrophy and herniation of the superficial fat cells between fibrous connective tissue. By using a special hand piece and ultrasonic probes, Dr. Nestor can emulsify superficial fatty tissue and give you a more desirable look.

VASER High Def Liposculpture®

VASER High Def Liposculpture® is a sophisticated method of body sculpting for women and men based on artistic and anatomic principles, which emphasize musculature outlines in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The key to the amazing results achieved using this technique is that VASER High Def Liposculpture® specifically addresses the latest anatomic findings to access the fat pads that obscure muscular definition. VASER High Def Liposculpture® does this by using sound technology to remove the maximum amount of fat in the superficial fat and deep muscle layers, which allows for an aesthetically pleasing presentation of the underlying muscles.

In the past, there was a limit to how much could be removed in any given area and how much could be removed specifically from the superficial layer. With the advanced technique and tools of VASER High Def Liposculpture®, there is much less bleeding, more fat removed, and the skin shrinks better. By following the artistic and anatomic geography of your body, your muscle outlines are brought out and emphasized.

For male liposuction, this means sculpting the chest to reveal the pectoral muscles, sculpting the abdominal area to bring out the abdominal muscles, or “six pack,” the internal obliques and the serratus muscle. On the back, it means finally getting rid of love handles. This muscle-defining ultra high-definition liposelection can take 20 years off a torso in just four hours.

For women, a very feminine hourglass figure can finally be achieved by removing fat in the lateral rectus muscles and the linea alba, thus creating the female “six pack,” which while not as overt as a man’s, is aesthetically pleasing and gives a woman a svelte look of youthful athleticism and vibrancy. It defines the waist, eliminates extra hip weight and gets rid of the fat under the bra line and on the back. If necessary, fat can be transferred into the buttocks for a “Brazilian butt lift.”

Fat Transfer

This sophisticated procedure involves taking fat from anywhere you don’t want it and placing it where you would like more volume. Find more information about fat transfers and the fat transfer services Dr. Nestor offers.


Hyperhidrosis is a disorder characterized by excessive uncontrollable sweating in excess of the amount required to regulate body temperature. It is estimated that 8.5 million people in the United States suffer from some form of hyperhidrosis, and while primary hyperhidrosis has no discernible cause, it can still be a hindrance for those who live with it. Axially bromhidrosis, on the other hand, is the secretion of foul-smelling sweat and is defined as the combination of hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis.

Reshape Your Body and Rejuvenate Your Life

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