VASERlipo® Success Stories

Last year in the fall of 2010, I had VASERlipo®. I was so happy with the results I received immediately. After a year I am even happier. It has changed my whole body shape. Totally gotten rid of the muffins. I actually feel a tightening in my stomach muscles that I haven’t felt in 50 years. I enjoy being active and appreciate the positive experience. In closing, Dr. Greg Nestor, “you suck good.” Thanks again! –S.H.

My mom recommended I have my abdomen done after she had hers done. I wasn’t sure if it would do any good. I work out all the time but I could never get my stomach flat. It drove me crazy. However, after seeing my mom’s results I decided to give it a shot. After having my abdomen done I was amazed. The results were quick to notice and the recovery was fast. My stomach is flat and for the summer I even started wearing a bikini. I was so happy with the results that I had the inside of my thighs done. –E.R.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for using your knowledge and talents as a physician to expertly learn the techniques of VASERlipo®, and for using them to enhance the physical and mental well-being of people like me. I am a semi-young professional woman who has battled with certain curves my whole life. My focus on weight management was never about a certain number on a scale, but rather how I felt in my clothes.

Feeling like I look good is important to me and helps me stay on top of my game. In recent years, gravity took a hold of my curves. I had the spare tire around my ribs, and no matter my posture, my belly rested in my lap when I was sitting at my desk. Not only were these two things physically uncomfortable, but I also hated the way they showed through my clothes in the way of rolls. I tried weight loss, yoga and other exercises, but nothing took away those rolls.

I never considered myself a candidate for liposuction because it sounded painful and required too much downtime for my lifestyle and career. When someone very close to me told me they were seeing you for the VASERlipo® procedure, I was instantly interested – even more so when I found out they were back to work the day after their procedure. I knew there was a solution for my rolls that might fit my life. Two weeks later you took time to sit down with my husband and me to explain VASERlipo® and to discuss my medical history. A week later, after a short day in your office, I was “Vasered”!

The procedure was remarkably simple from the patient aspect. You and your staff prepared me well with simple instructions for what to do before the procedure, and then did all of the hard work sculpting my body while I painlessly laid back. I loved the music in the room and how you constantly checked to make sure I was comfortable. I had a good night’s rest in my own bed that night, ran several errands the next day and visited a Central Florida theme park with no problems on day three.

The absolute best part is the results. What a difference! I love my new body! While I’m still mindful of maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, my mind never wanders back to the worries of how those old rolls look or feel. In fact, I guarantee I walk a little taller and sit a little straighter because I want people to notice my new middle! You have truly changed my life! Please accept my most sincere gratitude. Yours truly, S.S.

You have made a major impact on my life as a result of your VASER® body sculpting procedure. I thought it was unlikely that I would ever look and feel like I did 20 years ago, but now I do. Removing the fat around my waist has given me a noticeable flat stomach that has inspired me to improve my diet and exercise so I can keep this great feeling.

They say you should under promise and over deliver. You and your staff prepared me for the procedure with good descriptions of what to expect. The experience on the table and afterward were much better than I expected. I was at my office the next day and attending a football game the second day. My family was amazed at the changes and a little envious. The VASER® technique is wonderful because it takes less than a day, is basically painless and results in a great outcome.

Thank you for all your care and encouragement throughout the process. You have an excellent talent for this. Best wishes for continued success with your work. Sincerely, W.R.

After losing 50 pounds on your weight loss program, I still had that “muffin top” that would not go away even with regular exercise. With having problems with anesthesia, I discovered that with VASER® Liposelection, I didn’t have to be placed under anesthesia and I could return to work that same day! I had very little discomfort and was back to work that afternoon. I am able to wear the latest style of jeans that all the teenager girls are wearing and I look great in them.

Thank you Dr. Nestor for giving me the shape I had when I was in high school! – C.J.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Dora’s Story
At 53 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches and nearing 200 pounds, I knew I needed to do something to turn my life around. Not just for looks, but for my well-being. My LDL and HDL had been the worst ever and if I kept on this path I knew I would be a heart attack waiting to happen.

After struggling to climb a flight of stairs without gasping for breath, I knew that I needed to change my life, but before I could do this I had to do a lot of soul searching and figure out how I got to this place in my life.

When the scale hit 191.5 pounds, I refused to reach the 200 mark and contacted my doctor’s office. They started a Medical Weight Loss Program. After all, what did I have to lose but “weight,” and not just in pounds, but “fat” – the stuff that kills you when it takes over you arteries? I had so much more to lose if I did not try to change my life.

I started the program on Dec. 7, and I am pleased to say that I weighed in at 156 pounds today, four months later. I could not believe the changes in my health, my outlook, and how I feel about myself, and the best part, how I need “new clothes.” My pants are falling off of me and I get so excited when people stop me and ask me about the weight I have lost and asking me how I did it.

My success is because of the Medical Weight Loss Program at Dr. Gregory Nestor’s office. I have been working with Deborah Nolan and she has always been there for me to encourage me every step of the way. The staff is well trained and they are always providing motivation and support. Because of my knee injury and a past wrist fracture there are things I am not able to do physically. I have been on a 1000 calorie a day plan. The key is to “just do it” and not let others distract you from your plan or get you off your path to obtain and meet your goals.

I am thankful for the program and their motivation and encouragement and for having my life back. I have come off the medicine I had to start on to lower my cholesterol. My lab work is going in the right direction and the new lifestyle changes and food choices have given me my health back.

If you are ready for a change, a “new” healthier you, give this program a try and I know you will be writing a success story, too. I have never been happier or healthier in my life.

All the best, Dora

Gail’s Story
I began the program in May. Over the next four months, I lost about two pounds per week. Thus, by the end of August, I had lost about 30 pounds and had achieved our agreed upon healthy BMI.

I have never felt better, and only now realize how just a few extra pounds can deplete your energy. In retrospect, I certainly wish I had done this program sooner. In addition, I achieved another major health benefit from your program. I learned how important exercise is. At the beginning of the program, I had agreed to 30 minutes a day of exercise for six days per week. The exercise I chose was walking because I can do it anywhere, even when travelling. When I saw the results I was achieving with 30 minutes a day, I increased my walking to one hour per day. What a great discovery to learn that I do not have to go to a gym or do marathons to get my exercise! Exercise has now become as routine as flossing my teeth.

Even now that I have achieved my ideal weight, I still keep some shakes on hand. If I am travelling and want to avoid an unhealthy fast food lunch, I plan ahead and carry a couple of shakes with me.

Your program is built on sound scientific principles. In addition, you provided encouragement at the weekly weigh-ins. Your motivation, coupled with the information you shared on healthy eating, was invaluable.

Thanks again, Gail

Patricia’s Story
With the support, inspiration and encouragement of Dr. Nestor and his staff, I was able to lose 70 pounds. I never thought it was possible at my age. The weekly weigh-ins and consultation with Dr. Nestor helped to reinforce my motivation to keep going. All in all it was pleasant experience that worked for me.



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