Alternatives to Breast Implants

Greg Nestor

Alternatives to Breast Implants

Many women decide to have surgery and implants in an effort to have fuller, larger breasts, but surgery might not always be the best option. There are quite a few non-surgical treatments available that have been shown to enhance breast size and appearance without the additional risks associated with surgery. If you’re looking for a safe, subtle enhancement, here are a few treatments you might want to consider:

Enhance Your Body Naturally With VASER® Fat Transfer

Although saline and silicone are common materials used to increase breast size, your body naturally produces its own assets. For instance, VASER® Fat Transfer/Grafting can increase breast fullness using the fat from other parts of your body. It works by transferring fat from unwanted areas of your body, such as the stomach, buttocks or thighs, and adding it to your breasts. This living fat is rich in stem cells, allowing it to survive and continue to grow when placed back into your body, further increasing your breast volume. If you want natural, discreet results, or if you need to fix a defect from a previous surgery, VASER® is a great option.

Stimulate Collagen Growth With Plasma

Your body possesses amazing healing properties, and a lot of them are found in the blood. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, stimulates collagen, new blood vessels, and fatty tissue growth. It works by activating stem cells to start building tissue, similar to the process that occurs when you cut yourself. The cell growth repairs and rejuvenates collagen, fatty tissue, and blood vessels, so you’re left with fuller, smoother breasts.

If the sight of bodily fluid makes you uneasy, not to worry, it’s not a blood bath. The procedure takes a quick 30 minutes and requires no downtime. First, a doctor will draw blood and isolate the PRP. Once enough growth factors are collected, they’re injected into your breasts. This is also an excellent treatment for lifting inverted nipples and correcting any saline implant imperfections.

Treat Your Body Right with The Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation

Although VASER® and platelet-rich plasma breast treatments will not leave you with a substantial increase in cup size, they do provide a safe, natural solution for achieving fuller, firmer breasts and enhanced cleavage without the risks and downtime associated with surgery. For more information about how you can start living with more body confidence, call The Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation today, or request an appointment online.

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