What Causes Hair Loss?

Greg Nestor

What Causes Hair Loss?

Understanding and Treating Hair Loss

If you’ve experienced hair loss, you know just how devastating losing your hair can be. Although hair loss is normally associated with elderly men and women, individuals of any age and of either sex can be affected by hair loss.

Natural Hair Loss

Alopecia is the general medical term for hair loss. Hair loss is usually a hereditary factor, meaning that an individual is more likely to experience hair loss if a family member has experienced hair loss. Male pattern baldness for example, is marked by receding hair above the eyebrows and bald spots elsewhere on the head. In women, the thinning of hair is more general but still noticeable. Heredity also determines when the hair loss will begin and how it will progress.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss

Inherited alopecia is usually gradual, but a sudden loss of hair can be an indication of other health problems, including anemia and thyroid disease. Certain cancer treatments often result in a loss of hair, which usually grows back after completion of the treatment. Hormonal changes in the body, including those occurring during pregnancy, can also cause hair loss. Even certain types of styling can have a detrimental affect on a person’s hair.

Reversing Hair Loss

The loss of hair can be emotionally devastating to both women and men, but modern methods are available that can, in many cases, reverse the condition. A safe and effective method that avoids surgery involves the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Taken from the patient’s own blood, the PRP solution is then injected into the scalp. This form of hair restoration has actually been used for years, with an amazing rate of success in producing thicker hair.

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