3 Reasons to Choose the Vampire Facelift

Greg Nestor

Three Reasons to Choose The Vampire Facelift™

If you have ever wanted to have a facelift, but were too scared to go under the knife, a vampire facelift might be just what the doctor ordered. And believe it or not, it’s not as frightening as it might sound! Does your skin look dull and washed out? Do you look exhausted even though you slept all night? If so, read on to find out more information about the Vampire Facelift™.

Why Choose The Vampire Facelift™?

The Vampire Facelift™ is a revolutionary nonsurgical technique in which a combination of natural fillers and plasma are taken directly from the patient and injected into specific points on the patient’s face. Not only does it plump up lines and smooth out wrinkles, but it’s quite safe since it uses the patient’s own blood. It is a perfect choice for those who aren’t ready for more invasive procedures and prefer a more natural approach of combating the signs of aging.

How Does it Work?

The Vampire Facelift™ generally takes between 30 to 40 minutes to perform. Prior to the procedure, the surgeon will draw blood from the patient with a syringe. Then, the platelets will be separated from the blood. Following this process, the platelets along with other natural fillers are injected into the areas the patient feels need the most improvement such as under the eyes, into the cheeks and into those pesky lines around the lips. As far as downtime, you are able to resume normal activities immediately. Any redness will subside within a few hours after the procedure.

Pamper Yourself at The Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation

If you are ready to refresh your look with little downtime, The Vampire Facelift™ is a perfect choice for you. It’s a wonderful alternative to surgical procedures, and what makes it even more enticing is that it doesn’t use any artificial products, thus reducing the possibilities for adverse side effects.

Younger-looking dewy skin is only a phone call away. For additional information, call The Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation today and let them bring your skin back to life.

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