The Best Options For Getting Fuller Breasts

Greg Nestor

The Best Options For Getting Fuller Breasts

In seeking a procedure that will leave them with larger, fuller breasts, many women turn to surgery and implants. If you’re looking to drastically increase your breast cup size, implants are your best option. However, there are safer, more natural ways to increase the fullness of your breasts without undergoing invasive surgery, enduring a long recovery period, or facing the possibility of serious complications down the road.

Here are two proven ways to achieve fuller breasts by using your body’s own assets.

Breast Augmentations Without Surgery or Implants

Saline and silicone aren’t the only materials capable of increasing the size of your breasts. Your body’s own natural qualities can do the job, too! The VASER® Fat Transfer/Grafting procedure uses fat from other parts of your body to make your breasts fuller, while the Vampire Breastlift™ relies on growth factors in your blood to stimulate the creation of collagen, new blood vessels and fatty tissue.

VASER® Fat Transfer/Grafting

How it works: Your doctor will remove fat from an area of your body where it is unwanted, such as the tummy, flanks, back, love handles, waist, buttocks or thighs, and transfer it to your breasts. Because the fat contains live fat cells and is rich in stem cells, it will survive and even continue to grow when placed back into your body.

What you get: More volume in your breasts. This is a great option for those looking to repair a defect from a previous breast augmentation surgery, or simply achieve greater fullness. The results appear natural and soft.

Vampire Breastlift™

How it works: This procedure begins with your blood. Your doctor will draw blood from your body and isolate the platelet rich plasma, which is rich in various types of growth factors. When these growth factors are injected into your breasts, they activate stem cells to repair the tissue. Because your breasts are not actually injured, this has a rejuvenating effect, stimulating the growth of new collagen, fatty tissue and blood vessels.

What you get: Fuller, firmer, perkier breasts and nipples; smoother skin; and greater sensation. This procedure can be done in just 30 minutes and requires essentially no downtime. The procedure is also effective in lifting inverted nipples and filling rippling over saline implants.

Get Fuller Breasts Without Going Under the Knife!

While these breast augmentation options won’t give you a dramatic size increase, they will help you achieve firmer, fuller breasts and lifted cleavage without introducing something foreign into the body. For more information about VASER® Fat Transfer/Grafting or the Vampire Breastlift™, contact The Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation today.

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