How Soon After VASER® Lipo Can I Exercise?

Greg Nestor

How Soon After VASER® Lipo Can I Exercise?

VASER® Lipo is one of the most effective procedures available today for removing unwanted body fat. The technology utilizes ultrasonic liposuction in order to break up fat and virtually liquidize it for easy removal. Plastic surgeons consider VASER® Lipo to be one of the best options for treating stubborn areas of fat buildup.

How VASER® Lipo Works

When the doctor begins the VASER® Lipo treatment, ultrasonic energy is used to selectively remove fat from the body. At one time, there were many risks involved with using ultrasonic energy to perform liposuction techniques, but it was because high levels of ultrasound were being used. Today, the VASER® technology is optimized to use minimal ultrasound for a safe and effective procedure. As the doctor performs the surgery, the energy is used to literally disperse fat cells.

As the ultrasonic energy is emitted, it is essentially converted to vibrations which are used to shake fat cells apart. Fluid is used to create an emulsified solution of the detached fat. Lastly, the surgeon will use cannulas to extract the mixture of fat and fluid.

When Will I Be Able to Exercise After VASER® Lipo?

Any time surgery of any type is performed on the body, it is pertinent to allow the healing process to fully complete before introducing strain. Specifically, you will need to provide time for the skin to reintroduce and attach to the muscle underneath. Exercising too early into this process will disrupt the skin from healing properly. As a result, your procedure results might not be desirable.

After three to four weeks have passed following the VASER® Lipo surgery, you can resume light exercise. If you are looking to re-introduce heavy exercise to your routine, you should wait at least five weeks. Talk to your doctor if you have more questions about your exercising habits and VASER® Lipo.

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