Alternatives to Tummy Tuck

Greg Nestor

Alternatives to Tummy Tuck

For many women seeking a flatter, tighter stomach with diet and exercise alone, it can feel almost impossible. After countless attempts to shed the extra fat and skin to no avail, many believe a traditional tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is their only choice. But while this operation may garner positive results, the procedure often produces significant pain for up to two weeks post-op, and physical activity is limited for up to eight weeks to allow the internal stitches of the muscle to heal.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to the traditional tummy tuck that can tighten and tone your stomach without the pain or the wait. Learn more about these tummy tuck alternatives below.

VASER® Procedures

The most convenient alternatives to the traditional tummy tuck are VASER® Liposuction, VASER® High Def Liposculpture, and Fat Transfers. Whether you want a flatter, smoother appearance, a tighter look, or increased muscular definition, these procedures help you achieve your desired results. Read more about the individual VASER® procedures below.

VASER® Liposuction

VASER® Liposuction can remove fat without cutting or scarring. Even better, the procedure is fast, with little to no pain or downtime. Patients who opt for VASER® Liposuction benefit from realistic curves and definition, easy removal of large quantities of fat, precise sculpting of delicate areas of the body, such as the stomach and abdomen, and much more.

VASER® High Def Liposculpture

VASER® High Def Liposculpture on the other hand is a sophisticated method of body sculpting for both men and women. This method is based on artistic and anatomic principles, which emphasize musculature outlines, making the body look aesthetically pleasing. The procedure accesses the fat pads that obscure muscular definition. Then, using sound technology, the maximum amount of fat in both the superficial and deep muscle layers can be removed. For women, this is a great alternative to a tummy tuck as VASER® High Def Liposculpture can help to create a very feminine hourglass figure without the pain and downtime of a tummy tuck.

Fat Transfer

Fat transferring is a great alternative to a tummy tuck. With this procedure, your doctor will take fat from a location where you don’t want it and place on an area of the body where you would like more volume. This procedure also utilizes VASER® technology and works to remove the stem cell-rich fat from the patient and transfer it to another area. This allows your doctor to take fat from the stomach area as well as other “trouble” areas and place it where you would like more volume, such as the buttocks or breasts.

What makes fat transfers a great alternative to tummy tucks is that the procedure is safe and sophisticated. Because the procedure utilizes your own fat, you don’t have to worry about rejection or other immune reactions. As a result, there is minimal chance of acquiring an infection.

Weight Loss Solutions in Tampa

If you’re looking for an alternative to a tummy tuck, then a VASER® procedure might be the right choice for you. At the Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation, Dr. Nestor specializes in various VASER® procedures, including Liposuction, LipoSculpture, medical weight loss, body sculpting and more.

Dr. Nestor and the rest of his team want to help you change your look and your life. If you have any questions about the VASER® procedures and whether you would be a good candidate, call our offices today or Request an Appointment online.

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