7 Facts About Female Urinary Incontinence

Greg Nestor

7 Facts About Female Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence makes it difficult to tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor, which can cause urine to leak due to extra pressure on the bladder. Although urinary incontinence is rarely talked about, it affects more than 13 million Americans alone. Considering the amount of people living with urinary incontinence, it is important to understand the condition how the potential treatments. Learn more about urinary incontinence with these seven informative links from around the web.

1. A quick guide to urinary stress incontinence.

2. Did you know? Certain drinks like alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages can cause temporary urinary incontinence.

3. Another reason to ditch the cigarettes: Chronic coughing from smoking has been shown to worsen symptoms of urinary stress incontinence.

4. If you’re considering incontinence treatments, read these 15 must-know facts about incontinence surgery first.

5. Although many people think urinary stress incontinence only affects older individuals, this is a myth. Although the risk increases with age, urinary stress incontinence can occur in women at any time.

6. There are numerous treatment options for urinary stress incontinence, including: lifestyle changes, medication, behavioral therapy and pelvic floor muscle exercises.

7. Platelet-rich plasma can effectively treat urinary incontinence.

Improve Symptoms of Urinary Stress Incontinence

If urinary stress incontinence is affecting your life, contact the Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation today at (727) 800-3336 to discuss effective treatment options including platelet-rich plasma and more. Dr. Nestor and the rest of the team at the Medical Center of Body Rejuvenation are dedicating to helping you start living with more confidence today.

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