5 Tips for Losing Those Last 5 Pounds

Greg Nestor

5 Tips for Losing Those Last 5 Pounds

You’ve changed your lifestyle in hopes of hitting your ideal weight. You eat healthy (for the most post), you hit the gym regularly, but you just can’t seem to lose the last five stubborn pounds. Sound familiar? These five tips can help you ditch those last five pounds.

1. Cut Out All Processed Foods

If you didn’t make it from scratch or it’s not fresh, don’t eat it. By simply cutting out the processed meats, crackers, cheeses, and sweets, you can effectively lose the last few pounds you’re dying to get rid of. Focus on leafy greens, fresh fruit, and farm-fresh meats.

2. Drink More Water

By keeping yourself constantly hydrated, you can help to regulate your digestive system so that your food is processed more efficiently. When your body can quickly absorb nutrients and process waste, you won’t be left with extra waste that will become unnecessary weight. Besides benefiting your waistline, drinking water is great for the rest of your body too. According to the Institute of Medicine, men should try to drink about 13 cups of water per day, while women should aim for nine cups of water per day.

3. Try a Detox

Using a natural herb-based detox program can help to kickstart your digestive system to start eliminating any waste that may be in your intestines. Just make sure you do proper research and check with your doctor before investing in a detox since there are many companies out there selling chemical-laden weight loss aides that don’t work.

4. Amp Up Your Workout

After losing weight, many people hit a plateau or struggle to lose the last five pounds. But by challenging yourself to slowly start adding more to your workout routine, you can help you get over the plateau and shed those last five pounds. Whether you add an extra ten minutes on the treadmill, decide to add a weekly spinning class to your schedule, or run an extra mile, you will see a difference! Make these changes slowly and you won’t even notice the extra work.

5. Skip The Sugar

When it comes to losing weight, sugar is the enemy. Try staying away from sweets and substitute your sugar-tooth cravings for healthy alternatives like organic stevia or make a smarter swap. Instead of an ice cream cone, choose a low-sugar Greek yogurt topped with sliced fruit. Making simple swaps like this can easily help you shed those last few pounds.

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