5 Foods That Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Greg Nestor

5 Foods That Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Your diet is one of the most important aspects of your health. After all, what you eat can affect your body from the inside out, especially your skin. Want to eat your way to healthier, younger-looking skin? These five foods will keep your skin looking young for years to come:

1. Yogurt can prevent wrinkles.

Your skin will become resistant to wrinkles when you make sure to get your daily serving of protein-rich yogurt. Try Greek yogurt, which often has double the amount of protein as regular yogurt.

2. Sunflower seeds can brighten your skin.

Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, sunflower seeds will work magic on your skin, keeping you hydrated and glowing for years to come. You can easily get your fill by adding them into your salad for a crunchy twist!

3. Even your skin tone with soy.

Whether you decide to drink your latte with soy milk or snack on edamame, soy beans are filled with minerals and proteins that help to reduce hyper-pigmentation. Adding just one serving per day will help your skin even out so that you look young again.

4. Balance your blood sugar with oatmeal.

Steel-cut oats are the least processed variety of oatmeal, meaning that it retains the most amount of vitamins. This meal will slowly break down all day long to give you a stable blood sugar level. Studies have shown that unbalanced blood sugar levels actually lead to higher levels of androgens, the hormone that is responsible for wrinkles.

5. Add some dark chocolate to your diet for a natural glow.

Did you know that dark chocolate has a high level of flavonoids and antioxidants, meaning snacking on the sweet treat can actually keep you looking young? Cocoa hydrates your skin, which makes it firmer and more supple, giving you a natural glow!

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